pewag bluetracks, also referred to as forestry tracks, bogie tracks or simply tracks, are traction elements for heavy-duty forestry applications.

We use 3 different profile variations, designed for different fields of application.

The matrix in our forestry catalogue shows you what profiles are suitable for what kind of application.


The USPs of the pewag bluetracks are listed in our forestry catalogue.

A combination of bluetrack perfekt and flow is possible upon request.

At this point, our range does not include single-wheel tracks. We are currently working on a market analysis to determine the market potential of single-wheel tracks.

Please refer to your tyre manufacturer's information.

Please refer to the reference list in the forestry catalogue , column [kg].

Depending on the width of your tyres, our standard tracks are from 760 to 950 mm wide.

For the pewag bluetrack flow, we offer e.g. an extra-wide version (approx. 1,000 mm) for a tyre width of 710.

At pewag, we adapt the pewag bluetracks to suit each tyre brand and type. It is possible that one bluetrack fits several brands and types of tyre; however, the tyre width must be the same. Please note that it is not possible to use the same bluetrack for different tyre widths.

For the bluetrack perfekt, duro and flow, we recommend a clearance of approx. 100 mm between the tyre wall and the vehicle. For the bluetrack flow wide, we recommend a clearance of approx. 130 mm.

Forestry catalogue

The connecting links of the pewag bluetracks have a material strength of 26mm. This information is also included in the reference list of the pewag bluetracks.

Forestry catalogue

Our range currently includes pewag bluetrack locks in two different lengths: 105 mm and 155 mm.

Forestry catalogue

The stubs have a larger hardened surface area and therefore also a longer lifespan. These are the main characteristics of the innovative pewag starwave® technology. Another advantage of the pewag starwave® technology is that it results in a higher wear volume.

The number and position of the stubs may be modified according to customer specifications.

At this point, our stubs with the starwave® grooved profile are only available in a 40mm height as they are forged parts. It is possible to weld on standard stubs made from square-cut material in different heights if required by the customer; however, this would also eliminate the advantages of the starwave® technology.

The stubs are inseparably fused to the cross member using friction and pressure.

Friction welding makes it possible to weld together materials that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to join, for instance combinations with steels that have a high carbon content.

Friction welding allows us to use materials that have an up to 30% higher lifespan than standard materials.

1 pair of pewag bluetracks is delivered in 4 parts/segments. The lugs at the side of the track come with numerical markings to facilitate the correct assembly of the parts. Segments marked "1/2" are assembled with segments 2 (marking 2/2) using enclosed bluetrack locks. To sum up, segment 1/2 and 2/2 make up half a pair together.

The lugs at the side of the tracks contain a plaque with the serial number, the ID number and the segment number. The serial and ID numbers allow the full tracking of the item, all the way back to the manufacturing process.

Every pewag bluetrack delivery comes with 8 long (155 mm) and 8 short (105 mm) bluetrack locks.

Every pewag bluetrack delivery contains at least 1 cross member per half pair to facilitate the adjustment process.

We are currently offering manual assembly tools. The assembly instructions outline the individual assembly steps.

Assembly instructions

We are currently working on a solution for a mechanical tool.

As there are many different assembly tools for forestry tracks on the market, always check whether the selected tool is suitable for pewag bluetrack before use. Assembly tools with similar profiles are most likely to work with pewag bluetracks.

pewag offers the following spare parts:

  • pewag bluetrack stubs with starwave® technology
  • pewag bluetrack mounting clamps
  • pewag bluetrack locks in 2 sizes
  • Forestry catalogue

Please refer to our welding instructions for full information. We are currently working on the welding instructions.

Yes, as long as the material strength of the spare part corresponds to that of the pewag bluetrack.

Yes, as long as the material strength of the pewag bluetrack spare part corresponds to that of the other.