for forestry machines

pewag acts as a full-range supplier of tracks and traction chains for forestry machines.

Forestry tracks
and traction chains

Working in forests and on rough terrain is always a challenge. Man, and machine alike must overcome a multitude of obstacles, deal with unexpected situations, and make sure to protect the environment and the subsoil at the same time.

pewag is the right partner for this endeavor,

as we have considered your needs as well as those of nature.

To ensure the outstanding quality of our range, all our production facilities are still based in Central Europe, allowing us to keep an overview of the entire manufacturing process, and to offer forestry tracks and traction that create innovative solutions while also living up to the highest quality standards.

Longer lifespan for the stubs, thanks to the increase in the hardened surface area, and higher wear volume due to pewag starwave® technology.

pewag bluetrack benefits

Increased traction thanks to the two asymmetrical stubs which are standardly welded on pewag bluetracks.

Improved wear resistance and extended lifespan thanks to a special hardening process for the connecting elements.

Optimized traction and prolonged lifespan thanks to innovative pewag studs starwave® technology

Traction chains for forestry machines

pewag forstgrip comes with an asymmetrical stub arrangement in the running mesh, increasing grip and stability on rough terrain.

When it comes to forestry applications, reliability and resistance are key factors to ensure safe and efficient working practices. pewag chains for forestry machines have an extremely high capacity for self-cleaning and are gentle on the subsoil thanks to their relatively low weight.

pewag forstgrip pro is the reinforced version of pewag forstgrip and therefore the ideal professional chain for
heavy-duty applications.

pewag forstgrip cross is the ideal chain for extreme applications and maximum soil protection.

For your safe journey through the forest: pewag forstgrip.

Spare parts

pewag bluetrack - Lock long

pewag bluetrack - Lock short

pewag bluetrack - Repair kit

pewag bluetrack mounting tool

pewag bluetrack mouting clamp

pewag forstgrip - Elongation set

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